About Us

Viton Services Limited has been providing quality property since our founding in 1979. It is our mission to provide a start up opportunity for businesses in Helensburgh. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to offer competitive rents coupled to short term lease arrangements.

Company Directors


 Vivien Dance. Educated at Morley Grammar School and Kesteven College of Education in the 1960ís and becoming a Principal Teacher at Hermitage Academy during the 1970ís. Vivien has served as Viton Services Limited Accountant and Company Secretary since 1979. An Honours Graduate in English and History Vivien has recently retired from the post as Non-Executive Chairman of Argyll and Clyde NHS Trust. Currently Vivien is a sitting Justice of the Peace, an Advocate in the Advocacy Service and Vice Chairman of both organisations.


Tony Dance. Educated at East Ardsley Secondary Modern and trained in the electrical contracting industry in the early 1960ís, joining the Royal Navy in the mid 1960ís and the Submarine service in 1970. Holding City and Guilds Technical Certificates in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering and Higher National Certificates in Computer Aided Draughting and Design. Tony has served as Viton Services Limited Senior Director, Tea Boy and General Dogsbody since 1979. Tony handles the day to day running of the Company providing a personal service to all our tenants.


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